I meet a problem on sales....

June 25, 2008 9:55pm CST
I am a oversea sales in a small trading company after my graduation 1 year ago. But now, my sales volume is very bad. I only got a tooling order 2 month ago. Now, my customer is still confirming with the end customer about the final programme. Well, I have try my best to find new customers, never stoping send emails. But there is only a little little companies interested in our products--LCDs (liquid crystal displays) & LCMs (liquid crystal modules). I don't know whether I should persist in working in this small trading company. There is no advertisement on Google and any other search engineer, no payment on B2B website, no participating any exhibition. I am so confused that why our boss wouldn't like to invest in advertisement on overseas. I think it will be efficient than we found customers one by one via internet, saving my time also our company's time. I suggest him about investing in advertisement on overseas. He said that the effect is not very well if we make advertisement on google or B2B website due to our pricing is not very competitive on market. So, the best choice is to paticipate oversea exhibition. I'm almost crazy. I know our boss very well. He will never do it if it should cost him a lot of money. My god.... I am not sure whether I should persist in here for one more year. Our products market is smaller year by year since the TFT products is increasing in the market. Of course, our products will still have its own market instead of disappearance. But, it so hard to find a new customers on abroad. Most of them have stable supplier and would like to change their main products to TFT products. As you may know, our products should make a tooling. So, all of customer will not find another supplier if their pricing is not very competitive. If change the supplier, it means they shoud pay the tooling charge again, and take a risk on quality, etc. Big risk. Anybody could help me? Should I stay in this trading company or find another sales job? I am so sad about my sales volume..... But if I find another job, everything will come back to the beginning. I am so tired on sales. But I still hope that there will have a miracle happening on me.... Should anybody could give me some suggestion. Thanks in advance.
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• Philippines
30 Jun 08
hi vicky_lee... thanks for sharing this...i think businesses worldwide now are really bad due to high oil prices people are becoming more tight on their budget...thats why the low demand of TFT products...and many products as well... anyways i see you are in sales thats great!... you are new and its very good...i say you are not satisfied with your present company,then you can still look for a better company...go start over its not waste, because the experience and contacts gain in your 1 year of sales experience is not wasted... SMILE ALWAYS...^_^