what do you ant to learn from the opposite one? any idea?

@qwe123 (253)
June 25, 2008 10:17pm CST
what do you want to learn from the opposite one? what do you think are the traits and habits of the opposite one that you would never adopt? what are the traits that you would like to leran from? not sure i do need to learn much from the opposite one we are quite defenent indeed since dna rebuild new body that is why we so many difference sometimes man and women quarrel only because their different habit forinstance male have better ability of direction but they somale not male should do more domestic chores asfemales often do in the past traditionallly it isnatural that females should and have to shoulder all domestic shors but now things are fdofferent knitting is i think one of the things which nly women doo i would neverhve the patience tos it there and put all the threads together one by one having lived oemthing women can do that i really wish i was capiable of when i cok ameal i am faced witha large pile of dirty sidhes and pans in the kitchen once i have washed them i will maybe doa little laundary and a couple of times a week phone my nother for a couple of miutues sart to cooka meal nad by the time the meal is ready she has washed half the dises done a piles of laundary made phone calls i found the now clean ples oflaundry fed he cat bathed the childen
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