Are you addicted to cellphone?

June 26, 2008 1:24am CST
are you an addict to cellphone. Try to come out of that. Otherwise it will take your precious time.
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@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
27 Jun 08
I wouldn't call it an addiction for myself but I do need it for various reasons so I do use it a lot... I knew of a guy in high school who delivered pizza for a job... I wouldn't call him being addicted to driving because he drives a lot, just part of doing his job... For me, I do use my phone a lot for work as well as personal use... I just see it as a tool to do my job & when I'm not at work, just a tool to keep in touch with family & friends, not really an addiction thing...
@alohaha (71)
• China
26 Jun 08
i don't get too much business to do,so I'm not addict to clee phone most time.But i really think it's very convenient for our life,so i myself have a cellphone with me all the time in case there is some kinds of immergercy to deal with.Use it,but don't spoil it,that's my opinion.
@Swaana (1208)
• India
26 Jun 08
BTW what do you mean by getting addicted to cell phone? Cell phones have become necessities of today and I am sure I cannot be without my cell as I have to be connected with all my friends and family always.
@myliezl0903 (2731)
• Philippines
26 Jun 08
before i was really a cellphone addict! but now since im kinda busy with my work, i don't use too much cellphone now.,i'll just use it if needed., have a nice day ahead!
@LotSelf (1508)
• India
26 Jun 08
No in necessity of time it is very handy and save your time in distress call but people as a whole indulging the cellphone more badly