Do you think that Death penalty should be abolished in the world?

November 3, 2006 7:28am CST
Man did not give life, then how can he take one? This is a serious topic to be discussed though you may feel that the people reporting to these posts are very much biased. The reason behind this is because this topic is very much subjective. That is, each person will have been different point of view to it. Another person may have another view on it. Culprits brought on rape and murder charges shall be taken as an example. The way these people commit the crimes are definitely cruel. Some of the rape attempts are done on small children whose ages are even less than ten. Often after the rape attempt, the culprits ditch their victims with no consideration as if they were not human beings. And coming to the example of murders, these are not to different either. Most of these murder attempts are done for a very small amount of wealth or money. The fact is that most of these murderers, do suffer from some kind of mental illness. The situation is similar with any kind of crime. Yes I do agree that these people should definitely be penalized. But the question is can death penalty do any good in bringing down the crime? I think the answer is no. But what else can be done as a parallel arrangement to it?Post your suggestions and Replies and let’s discuss for a bright future of the world.
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@sbeauty (5869)
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3 Nov 06
Nothing we do to criminals seems to lower the crime rate. It keeps going up all the time, and too many are getting away without any penalty at all. Our prisons are overflowing, and they don't put other people into prison because there isn't room. Sentencing is a joke because they don't end up serving very much of their sentence. I've never understood, for example, a sentence of life but subject to parole in 20 years.
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