How can I stop my hair fall ?

June 26, 2008 3:05am CST
Hey friends please tell me how can I stop my hair falling.30-40 hairs falls everyday now I am just 18 years old.Please tell me some tricks what can I do.
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@cyberfluf (5004)
• Netherlands
13 Jul 08
B vitamines can help. You can get them in tablet form and they are also in certain foods; I don't know any of them by heart but I had some mild hair fall a couple of years ago and b vitamines (I believe B2 and B12?) helped me a lot. There is also medication for more severe hairfall, it doesn't bring back hair but it can put a stop to it falling out. I would talk to my doctor about it and see if you can get those pills to prevent it from getting worse (at least put a stop to it) and try b vitamines too. My best friend is a 21 year old guy with the same problem and he's getting it from his medical insurance, allthough this is in Holland and I don't know the deal in other countries..
@mandykaren (2040)
13 Jul 08
awwww.. you can not always do anything about it, its in your genes.. but i fel that maybe the least stress you have in your life the better. Sress is big course of illness, aging and so on.. look after yourself.. eat well, fresh foods and enjoy life too and not let anything stress you out too much.. be happy :)))) if worse comes to the worse, and u become bold.. there is always wigs hehe