have you ever experience losing large amount of money or valuable things?

@melo_828 (427)
June 26, 2008 6:12am CST
losing a lot of money or valuable things gives us some sleepless nights. we always thought of that incidents and we get mad. there a lot of things why we lost money or things. we lost it thru misplace, lost wallet, snatch, hold-up or lost in gambling. i already lost some amount of money and jewelries because of a hold-up incident. those bad guys used knife and gun to intimidate in order for me to give to them all they wanted. i think i already experience being hold-up twice. after those incidents, i'm still shock and can't speak well. i still feel lucky because those bads guys only got all those money and jewelries but they didn't take my life...
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@ssh123 (31085)
• India
26 Jun 08
My wife and myself pooled our savings and invested in shares and one fine morning the stock market collapsed due to scandals and prices of shares we bought came down by 80%. It took 3 to 4 years to earn back the lost money. This was 10 years ago. Again we pooled the money and invested in distribution work, but due to bad market condition, we took the beating and lost quite heavily. Again we now rebuilding and decided now more investment. Our latest policy is to earn money without investment.!! Just work hard.