Do you retry sending friend requests?

@Muelitz (1592)
June 26, 2008 8:57pm CST
If for you have sent a friend request to someone and have not gotten an accepted reply, do you resend the friend request? Do you e-mail them? How long do you wait? Just Me, SFC
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@winterose (39897)
• Canada
28 Jun 08
nope I don't waste my time, if the person doesn't want a friendship that that is their problem not mine, there are so many people here on mylot you don't need them.
@tholitz (1127)
• Philippines
27 Jun 08
Hi there my new friend Muelitz! As much as possible I just try to wait for their response whether they accept or decline my invitation which is usually inform through my e-mail. Though I really can't recall anybody who have decline my invitation yet nor if I ever tried to resend my invitation. Anyway I'm glad that I have not experienced all these things to you. Thank you very much for accepting my invitation of friendship and hopefully we can work our way up here in mylot.
@joliefille (3696)
• Philippines
27 Jun 08
I just leave it alone. I don't want to force the issue on someone who doesn't want to add me. =) I would email only if it's an old classmate who doesn't recognize me anymore.
• United States
27 Jun 08
I leave them alone. My logic is that if they don't ever respond to my first request, either they don't like me, and they only get on once every 6 months or so, which is pretty useless, so there's no point in friending them.
@littleowl (7157)
27 Jun 08
Hi muelitz-if I dont get an answer from a person I have asked as a friend I leave it-it doesn't worry me and unless they have accepted your friends request you can't email them-your friend littleowl