Time will keep us Alive...Time..is it really matter?

June 26, 2008 11:32pm CST
Do you believe that time can measure how long your relationship will last? i mean if you do have a long time gf/bf more chances that it will last forever? ..what do you think?
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@chej18 (915)
• United States
27 Jun 08
Sometimes time willl really matter your right w/ that.But sometimes long relationships is also not an answer for steady relationship and some long relationship cant last forever.I have friend who been together for long time and we really thought that they are perfect w/ each other.And thats what they think also for themself.They thought that thier relationship is really strong and there is no trial that can stop them for loving each other.But then they are wrong were wrong.Her bf makes a very bid mistake,he cheated on her. She cannot forgive him.She wants too for the sake of her love and having him for long time.She is really used to it to a guy that he is always there for her.But she tried to forgive him but that situation changed her a lot.After a while the love is gone and they split up. What my point is we are all human and we cannot say what is really going to happened i dont agree that people who been together for long time can last forever.In one second people can do mistake and lead us in very wrong situation.Have a nice day.. Greetings from Che!
27 Jun 08
Time really matters its true but the length of the relationship wouldn't give you the assurance that you guys will live for the rest of your lives...