writing love letters

June 27, 2008 3:18am CST
during my youth when inernet and cell phones were not vogue, writing letters were the only way to express your feelings in a lenghty way, i have taken pains to write a lot of love letters, though i dint have the stength of mind to give it to the person who i wrote it for, still a few the letters reached the opersons intended for, it was both a literary pursuit and satisfaction of feelings towards a friend, but does this generation ever understand the value of love letters
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@calajane (1004)
• Poland
27 Jun 08
All the love letters that I've written remained unsent. I might be considered a coward. Still. The idea of actually getting a love letter seems to me both really embarassing and at the same time incredibly romantic. Can it be both?
• India
28 Jun 08
you are no different from me, i would have loved to get many love letters but never got any and also i wrote soa many love letters but 99% dint reach the person intended to, well it was all in my youth, now i dont even have time think of writing, forget writing
• United States
28 Jun 08
i think they do they just email them instead of physically writing them.. i would like to think that technology wont take away romance completely
@zhpshql (695)
• China
27 Jun 08
Hi, I've never wrote that kind of letter, so do with my friends. Maybe when my parents were young, friends of them might wrote some, it's so implicit,and it's better you say you feeling to your girlfriend staightly ,I think.