Are you interested in Nature?

November 3, 2006 8:11am CST
Hi all, how many of you are intersted in Nature/????
9 responses
• India
1 Apr 08
ya, i am definitely interested in nature...
@lauczi (964)
• Poland
2 Dec 06
i am definitely. i liked it always. it's not good nowadays that people dont protect nature. if nature is destroyed completely how they think they will live? i dont like people who dont like nature kills animal cut trees and so on. im really angry when i see such behaviour.
@mihai80 (865)
• Romania
29 Nov 06
• United States
24 Nov 06
I love nature, the beach, flowers, trees, animals
@supremegod (1019)
• India
24 Nov 06
ya i love nature very much, i cant express how much i like nature.
@ansarkhan (2427)
• Pakistan
24 Nov 06
Yah I love Nature
@arinig (1376)
• India
20 Nov 06
. - .
yes i love is a beautiful gift from god.a life without nature seems to be colorlees nd vvery bad
@clownfish (3274)
• United States
19 Nov 06
Hi! Yes, I am. I love to watch Animal Planet and various shows. I'm particularly interested in the oceans and aquatic life. I love to watch shows about coral reefs. I love tropical fish.
• Philippines
3 Nov 06
I"m very interested with nature, especially different body of waters.Then, i love to see old trees and beautiful flowers.The sounds of birds and other animals but not with the sound of tiger or lion,lol!