Why do Adults abuse children

June 27, 2008 8:13am CST
Can someone tell me if we adults have no heart today? I live in the Caribbean my country was once a very safe place to live until off late. adult have being molesting kids as young as 3years old. There was this episode where 3 teenages abuse and killed a little. They, molested him, and after all that torment killed him. The most recent one a little girl, molested and killed by her stepfather. Can someone tell me what is going on in this world today. These are beautiful innocent kids they don't have a clue about life as yet. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. MAY GOD BLESS OUR CHILDREN OF OUR FUTURE GENERATION
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• United States
27 Jun 08
I am so sorry that this stuff is happening in your country. It seems that this goes on here in the US on a daily bases. I don't know why this kind of stuff is happening to our little ones. It breaks my heart each time I hear about these things. I can not believe how cruel the world is getting. We just have to keep praying. I wish I could give you a good answer to this but with this kind of evil going on out there I don't think there is a good answer to this.