a tough decision you are trying to make everyday? any idea?

@qwe123 (253)
June 27, 2008 10:04am CST
everyday people need to make decisions someare small and easy ones others are tough do you have a tough decision to make? why do you find it hard? how have you handled it? this maybe the most stupid thing i have ever made i could make it better if i think twice before act i do not know why that sometime i feel the tropic from the site was little bored maybe would not just cause the decision ui have made for about two months so i feel it was bored really sory i have been sorry for what i said study abrod realy a tough decision i must to prepare the test which i never tough and must to keep sudy at least two hours a day i never do such a touch thing despit i was in university i have not insisted on studyin two hours a day surpise for two months not only like this but also i gave up a chance which can be a master in my mother university without the examination so i say it is a tough decision now i just hope i could pss the text abd get a higher score should better be the highest i do not know why that someth=ime i feel the tropic was little bored in my life i have to make a lot of different decisions which does eally bore me to death for example before i was finally determined to enjoy acertain college i had to make a tough decision on which college to go to on second thought i did it ater i came to campus parents are not aroundd to9 gap at me on what i should do and should not do so everything has to be my own decisionds
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