Odd Facebook Profile Picture

@Muelitz (1592)
June 27, 2008 4:00pm CST
What do you think is the reason why some Facebook members use caricatures, animal pictures, cartoon characters or picture of somebody else instead of uploading their own picture? Just Curious, SFC
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• Philippines
15 Jul 08
FOR A CHANGE! Sometimes, I put my real pic on my profile. But most of the time, I display Barbie images in my profile. There was a time that everyday, I chnage my profile pic with different Barbie images. Depends on my mood, though... If I feel like showing my face again to everyone, I would post my real pic again...
@jinxky (2251)
• Philippines
15 Jul 08
well the simple reason here is they don't just feel uploading their own picture, i have facebook but i put my picture in it..
@pillusch (1148)
• Mexico
15 Jul 08
I think it started a lot earlier than before facebook or other social networking sites, including myLot, came on the scene. It began with using 'usernames' instead of your real name. You use them practically everywhere. Putting some image or atavar (or is it avatar?) is just the extension of it. I guess the main reason is the 'perceived' need for anonymity, or to put it in other words, to hide your 'real' self. I don't really understand it. It might work in 'technical' sites, like traffic exchanges, for example. But if you spend any length of time, or any number of posts, on a site like myLot, you basically create an alter-ego, which is not 'alter' at all, since your true personality will always show through.
@winterose (39893)
• Canada
29 Jun 08
I think this is a repeat and I just answered it, they want to stay private, they don't want people to see their real face all over the internet, some are afraid, some don't like how they look, some a shy, and some love all these cartoons characters and things.
@oliverdt (1959)
• Philippines
28 Jun 08
In what I have experienced we do that or others do that because they want to keep their self secret. Its like using codenames just to keep your name secret or if you want to be private. Hope that helps.
@joliefille (3696)
• Philippines
28 Jun 08
I did it about 3 times that I used a cartoon picture as my profile pic. I did it out of boredom though. But since 2 weeks ago I'm back to posting my own pic on there.