It's so good they don't even call it Jerky!

June 27, 2008 4:11pm CST
Every month I get an order of JD jerky right in my mail box and this month I ordered...and I'll even quote what's on the bag: Signature Series- Our Finest All Natural Steak Sticks. Naturally Smoke Original. I have to say I thought their Peppered Jerky was the best, but no more! I'm hooked on the Steak Sticks! I was thinking the only drawback with TV commercials and the Internet when it comes to showing and talking about food products is that you can't smell it, feel it, or taste it. The inner question always comes up of "What if I order this stuff, an dI don't like it? I don't want to waste my money" right? I know it does for me. So, I've come up with a solution. I'm not going to charge you for the first bag of jerky you want! That's right, not even postage! Why? Because I want you to have a chance to taste how good and natural JD Jerky is. It's my bet that you'll love it enough to order more, and if you are into making money online and off, you'll even join the business. Speaking of the business end, this is a no risk type of business if you enjoy eating Jerky (and who doesn't!). Even IF you didn't get anyone to order any jerky from you and even IF you didn't get anyone to join you for a few months, you still get your two bags of yummy JD Jerky that you choose each and every month. There's no website fee's, no ecommerce fees, and no min. earning fee's to collect a paycheck. That's what I call a good MLM business! Not only that, but JD also has great health related products to which I am only starting to try myself and am already impressed with! So...If you want a bag of jerky but you're afraid it might be nasty, go to my site and look at the different type of jerky there is to order (DON'T ORDER ANY FROM THE SITE) ((WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU HEARD THAT FROM A MARKETER?)) and once you figure out the type of Jerky you want, email me and I'll mail you out some (and yes, I'll even pay the postage). IF you decide you don't like it, then give it away and that will be that. Here's the site to go to: Dexter
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