going to dsiney

June 27, 2008 9:25pm CST
I am booking a trip to go to disney. And was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to make the trip cheaper becuase as i am looking at the prices it is very expensive.
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9 Jul 08
If you can the it's best to stay on site as the Disney hotels will give you more hours in the parks so you can get to see everything. This is probably best if there is just 2 or 3 of you but, if there is a large group then stay in a villa and rent a car because then this will be cheaper. Pre purchase all your park tickets as if you buy individual days at each park it worls out more expensive. type in orland visitors bureau online and a website for ornage county will enable you to get some discounts that might come in useful! Have fun! x
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8 Jul 08
www.orbits.com www.cheapflights.com
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8 Jul 08
If you are talking about Disney World in Orlando, I highly recommend that you try to stay on the property at one of the Disney hotels. Their value resorts (and sometimes even their moderate resorts) are not much more money than the hotels off the site and you would not have to rent a car because the Disney World bus system will take you all around to every theme park and also to Downtown Disney. Plus they are so well "themed" that staying there is part of the fun. We stayed at Pop Century one time and in the evening they showed movies on a large screen near the pool and families bought pizzas at the food court and sat around the tables by the pool watching the movie and eating dinner. Disney also provides a bus that will take you from the airport to your hotel. One way to save money is to try to not eat out for every meal. If you are able to eat some meals in your room, such as cereal bars or sandwiches, or even snacks that you pack yourself and take to the park would save you a lot of money. Of course, how much of that you can do depends on whether you have a fridge in your room.
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4 Jul 08
I highly recommend no other travel search engines, besides using Hotwire. Hotwire is the best place to get your deep discounts. 1) Do not search for package deals. It is expensive. Search for the flights, hotels, and car individually and compare. When comparing on hotwire, leave your search results open in a new tab or window so you do not lose the rates that you find. When you are satisfied with your rates, then you can close the other search results. 2) When searching for hotels, choose a hotel suite that includes a kitchenette. So you can make your own meals. Going out to eat everyday during your stay is costly and you will save alot of money making your own meals. If possible, also look for hotels that also provide complimentary breakfast, that way you don't have to go out to eat for breakfast and also save time making your own breakfast in your hotel room. Some hotels provide complimentary breakfast and a kitchenette in your hotel room, some only provide breakfast but don't have a kitchenette, so look around. 3) Avoid flying during the weekends and holidays. The cheapest way to fly is during midweek (Wednesdays and Thursday) for departing and returning flights. Be also flexible in your schedule because there's often a stopover and no direct flights. 4) Also, departing from a different airport can also help give you a deep discount. For example, we are about 1 hr away from Philadelphia and 45 minutes away from Newark. So for me, if I fly out of Newark Intl Airport, the cheapest rates are $700+. However, if I fly out of Philadelphia Intl Airport, the cheapest rates are $600+. So if I fly out of Philadelphia, I got a $100 discount off my plane ticket already. Therefore, look for the closest international airports near you, especially those airports that are about 1-2 hrs away from you and compare rates.
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30 Jun 08
try sending for some information from them. my mom got a book from them and it had all sorts of discounts in it. plus one time we went we did this timeshare tour and then they gave us discounted tickets just for doing the tour. we didn't have to buy anything, just spend a little time touring the timeshare and listening to their sales pitch.