Do proffesional sport atheletes get paid to much?

United States
November 3, 2006 8:43am CST
It is interesting how frequent that I hear proffesional atheletes get paid to much. This may be true. However, how come I never hear that professional actors or singers get paid to much? All are being paid for entertainment. However, unlike proffesional atheletes who risk bodily injury, early retirements, and suffering in pain the rest of their lives due to repeated injuries singers and actors don't have as many of the same risks. So really if were going to complain about who gets paid to much to entertain us maybe we should reconcider our thoughts. After all have you seen the prices lately to see a concert or a play with a famous actor?
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• United States
3 Nov 06
People are paid strictly according to what the market will bear for any particular profession. The entertainment field has some of the highest paid careers simply because it's also one of the highest income producing fields.