Do women(wives) be paid for housework?

@manu619 (451)
June 28, 2008 2:47am CST
Hi everyone.... i have Watched a Television debate with amusement! 67%of women in audience felt that wives /partners should be paid for voluntary housework they do like cooking washing taking care of kids etc... 1. Categorisation of exact work and hours that need to clocked in order to be paid. 2. Nature of remuneration. 3. Can men also demand similar compensation.? 4. Is it practical? Since I dont ahve any wife. I dont know anthing about this.. What you people think
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28 Jun 08
It is a great debate to have, and one that I have used to "tease" my husband many times. In reality, I do not feel that I should expect a paycheck for doing what I do. I am a wife, a mother and a partner in everything with my husband. I chose that life for myself, and so I live it quite happily. I guess if my husband felt that his paycheck from working outside the home was his alone, I might change my tune. But we share everything, from responsibility to money, so it really isn't a concern for me.
@SomeCowgirl (32219)
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28 Jun 08
I have responded to a discussion similar to this. I feel as if it is the duty of the wife to do housework, and where I feel that the husband should help, neither should be paid. I know many will disagree, and I do understand that women like to shop or have money, and i also agree that it is a nice feeling, however I feel as if shopping should be done together, and that money should be shared, not delved out. Have a Great day.
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• Canada
29 Jun 08
I think it is only air that wives are paid for housework. It's not right that in a household where the woman stays home, as was traditionally done, and the man goes out to work that the woman is not paid some real independent money to do the work. I don't mean the husband buying things for her, I mean the woman haing her own moey to do whateer she WANTS!~