What do you prefer, a country headed by a King or by a president?

June 28, 2008 3:48am CST
Most countries headed by King and prime ministers usually have a good living conditions for their countrymen, some countries headed by president seems quitely can manage the needs of their countrymen...how about those countries who's people are mismanaged, do you prefer a King or a president to govern you?
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• India
28 Jun 08
i think i am comfortable with the president (my country has a president, prime minister and others as well) and i feel that its best like this only as i have been grownup seeing a president as a head. i never been in a kings rule so i don't know much about how it will be.
• Philippines
28 Jun 08
i think its a king,, base on my experience in having president as a country leader we are encountering much problems,,, there were a lot of issues that they cant depend on,, they are very corrupt,, but im not that sure because i didnt experience yet to have a king as a leader
@hellcowboy (7380)
• United States
28 Jun 08
I prefer to be lead by a president because a president follows democracy and does directly tell you what to do ,but instead makes laws and rules to help you know whats not good to do,whereas a king leads with an iron fist,and tells you what you can do,what you can not do, which I makes me think that I would hate living in a country ruled by a king.
• Indonesia
28 Jun 08
I choose president as a leader for my country
28 Jun 08
we have never had anything but a queen and a prime minister here in the UK so i cant compare it to anything to be honest tho i dont actually think the queen does much lol and most of the decisions are made by the PM im happy at the moment and cant complain about our situation.