we're thinking of moving to australia, pls. help us decide between brisbane&melb

Isle Of Man
June 28, 2008 4:34am CST
we are a young professional couple w/ a 20 month old baby. we currently reside in the isle of man, uk... one day in the winter i realized, i dont want to wake up in my 50's and still be this cold... i was born in the Philippines, love my country but i hated the politics, the redtape and everything that has got something to do w/ the government... we are enjoing our simple life here in the isle of man, we love everything here from the weather... i believe australia is a wonderful country too especially if you love nature... when we were contemplating on our big move, australia and canada came to our minds but we now decided we are choosing australia, the question is where in australia... if you could give us any tips, pros and cons so we could decide between brisbane and melbourne it would be very much appreciated thanks in advance.
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• Australia
1 Jul 08
I think you should decide to live right in between both Brisbane and Melbourne - in Sydney! I must say that I maybe a little biased because I have lived here all of my life but I am sure that it is the most wonderful place in the world! I have young children and I wouldn't want to bring them up anywhere else. The weather is lovely, usually sunny and warm but not too hot. It definately doesn't snow on the coastline and there are gorgeous beaches to roam. [u][i][b]Sydney is my home - away from it I will never roam![/b][/i][/u]
• Isle Of Man
2 Jul 08
hehehe my hubby actually said the same thing... if we can't decide between the two why not live in between them ... i think it's only fair to add syndey on our choices then hehehe...
• India
2 Sep 08
I would suggest melbourne as the best place next to sydney compared to any other places in australia. melbourne is - climate wise, opportunities, professionalism, cost of living though a little bit higher still is recommendable.