whts the romantic thing u had done in the rain

June 28, 2008 8:01am CST
well rains means unique for each n every people for childreans its fun for younghters its romance for husbands n wifes its time 2 be romantic for olders its fun times remembering old times n be happy .Well being a person whts the romantaic u have done in rains . Did u had ur first kiss in rains or did u proposed in rains did u picked ur wife frm the terrace n took her under the sheets or anything romantic share with me .............
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8 Aug 08
I remember once we got stucked in a waiting shed near the park we don't have umbrella and our bus fare is just enough for one ride, It was 7 in the evening then and until 10pm we were still there because it poured heavily. We were boths shievering even if were hugging each other the whole time.
• India
9 Jul 08
well i remember this time last year in july one day it was raining heavily and me an my gf were coming back from college..we didn't have our cars n no other means of transport so we were walking back home..it started raining heavily in between and we had to take shelter for sometime..that whole time that both of us were together was simply amazing!we spent about one and a half hours with each other in the rain walking slowly n getting wet!!