Why do people feel that ?

June 28, 2008 8:10am CST
Yesterday i went to one mall and after shopping i got tired and sit for a while. after few second i see two ladies coming and they say hello and sit beside me. They started to give me some printed pages and asking my address and phone number. when i asked them what is this all about, they say it is all about love and happy living. when i started reading i came to know that it is just about life and that too about those people who are mentally ill and want to do suicide. i said i don't need them i am mature and living good life, but they keep on insisting me that i need this and keep on trying. I said sorry and left from the place. It was really disturbing time, they have taken my peace and distorted my mind. I don't understand what people get from introducing such thing at public place. anyone has any experience like this ?
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@jonesy123 (3950)
• United States
28 Jun 08
What people get from introducing such thing at a public place? Money! Why do you think they wanted your info, lol. Public places are the best way to corner victims. Maybe you looked distraught being that you were tired from shopping. You may have had a frown on your face or otherwise looked unhappy. You must have looked like a perfect target for them or they wouldn't have been so pushy. You also probably looked like you have some financial means you can contribute to their group (aka sect, lol) in order to hurry along your healing process;) Yes, I hate it, too, to be approached like that or by the sales people. I want my peace and hate to be disrupted when I'm resting. Unfortunately, it's not illegal. Good for you to get up and move on. They would not have let go unless you firmly told them to take their stuff and stick it up their ... well you know where;)