which is the best music culture rock,pop,rap,calssical,regae,metal..............???

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@yashin (658)
November 3, 2006 8:54am CST
Popular styles of music varied widely from culture to culture, and from period to period. Different cultures emphasised different instruments, or techniques, or uses for music. Music has been used not only for entertainment, for ceremonies, and for practical & artistic communication, but also extensively for propaganda.
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@ambuvs (100)
• India
4 Nov 06
i like rock,rap and new age music
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• France
20 Jan 07
i like rock music........
@shana123 (2096)
• India
18 Jan 07
i dont know which is the best music but i like rap,pop at times i listen to and classical because i have leart and will learn classical music after my studies,carnatic music i learnt it for 5 years but discontinued at present... and continue later... as the frind above me said that each and every music has its own thing i agree with it 100%