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@calajane (1004)
June 28, 2008 9:58am CST
Lately I am so distracted by everything else that goes on in my life that right now I just am on livejournal because of my Flist and various communities that I am a part of. I no longer post in my own journal every day. Just when I feel like it or when I have to post something to remain a member on some communities. I remember running my own communities, posting icons and fanfics. But that's no more. I rarely even post comments unless it's to my close friends... What about you? What's your activities on LiveJournal like nowadays?
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@kat_lane (166)
• United States
6 Jun 09
I started livejournaling way back in 2006. Then I got bored and left. Now I am back at it and posting at least twice a month. Typically I have three posts a month. Mostly I am posting banners, or homicide fanfics. Sometimes I rec stuff. The dreaded f-list. I am a member of over a hundred communities, so it's flooded every single day. I try to avoid it. I typically go to my profile, and browse that way. I'm what people call a 'lurker'. I read and move on. Comments are few and far in between. Mostly I reply to people saying they like my stuff. XD I run two comms over at lj. One is a challenge comm so there are posts there every single week. Minimum three times a week. I also run a general fandom pairing comm. So I get around ;)
@suprema (297)
• Philippines
24 May 09
I initially joined LJ for the communities. It seems that every fandom has got at least one of them. The communities are great! I used to check my flist all the time, but as its number grew, reading my flist became a chore. Now what I do is open the profile page of the communities that I want to get updated on from my own profile page and check it's updated recently. If it is, then I open it! But of course there are communities that get updated several times a day.