What a disaster..... worst Bar-B-Cue

@jessieBee (1046)
Trinidad And Tobago
June 28, 2008 2:39pm CST
Yesterday we had a bar-b-cue and it turned out to be a disaster!!!! It was held at my aunts home, to raise founds for my cousin to get a heart surgery done. This is how it started. The food was to be cooked at my grandma's house and then delivered to my aunts at 12 o'clock. the food arrived at 2pm.Why? because my grandma got up late and forgot to buy a few things the day before.Also she ran out of gas on her way to my aunts, so my uncle had to go pick her up. People were hungry and couldn't wait to collect their stuff and leave. At 2:30pm the rain came down heavily and some of the food got wet, alone with our guest. A neighbors dog ran into the yard and toppled over a portion of chicken. Not to mention the dog also ran off with a few pieces. My mother tried running after the dog and fell face first in the rain.(and she was wearing white). She looked like she was wearing a brown dress after. We had to go to the store to buy more chicken, thanks to the dog! After that a woman lost her four tickets, still came to collect her bar-b-cue, even though she had no proof of purchase. You can guess how that turned out, she started an argument until she got what she wanted. I must say that was the longest Friday of my life. We made enough money but the events that took place were a little overwhelming. Have you ever held an event and it turned out to be a disaster? Or have you attending anything that was? How did you deal with it? Tell me about it......
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@shaggin (53038)
• United States
14 Jun 09
That sounds like a disaster for sure. It seems like probably just about anything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong. I've had days like that but never been to or had a party go wrong like that. If the dog had run off with the chicken I would have been furious but wouldn't have run after the dog since no one would want to eat it after the dog had gotten ahold of it. I would have been even more furious after falling in a puddle! Today I have a birthday party to go for my great aunt who is turning 75. I may have met her when I was younger but I don't remember her. It will be neat for my children to get to meet her because its their great great aunt. Hopefully it will be a nice day and not get rained out. Its at a local park and so far the weather looks great. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we don't have any problems like you had!
@cupid74 (11388)
• Pakistan
30 Jun 08
Well dear its not that disaster, it just a fun u had, i am sure it will renmnain in ur mind as sweet memory, u will recall it, laugh on it and enjoy. dont u agree Other thing, i believe " ALL WELL THAT ENDS WELL" so u end up raising enough funds and its really great Take care
@dongsting (190)
• China
29 Jun 08
jessieBee,did your aunt hurt? you must had a dramatic day! ok,i'll tell what happed to me!When i was in grade school,i was a member of the school chorus.we recorded a song for an important match at the music class one afternoon. It ended quite well.i was so curious about the recording machine that i left alone after recording the song. i inserted another tape and recorded again(just for funny). i never thought it caused a big mistake. That afternoon,my music teacher posted "our tape" to the match but actually the tape was taken wrong.it was not the tape we sang "hopeful field",it was a terrible song sang by me which scared the staff of the match. Of course we lost the match AND our music teacher was fired! i was so sorry fot that,if i did not insert another tape,she would still be a teacher.