Prank Calls ... !!!

June 29, 2008 3:20am CST
Ok, yeah .. I just met an old friend from long time back and we recalled how we used to prank call strangers. So... right now i am about to make one, you know, to relive the good old days, thougt will post this as well. Some guy whom i have never met and dont know is about to be told that in 5 minutes, due to some 'technical difficulty' his cable TV will go dead for a few hours but he shouldnt worry as we are en route to his home to fix it. Of course, that will never happen. And of course, i will make him believe it, make it as funny as possible and sound all professional. I admit, i do enjoy/enjoyed making prank calls. So what about you guys .. ever made prank calls ?? Which is your favouritet thing to say while you are at it. Ever got one ?? which was the funniest/nicest one ??
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@Agent89 (91)
• India
29 Jun 08
I used to do it when i was like 13-14 Anyways, as far as called is concerned, I used to call people and convinced them that I am calling from the state authority and we found a dog whose collar says it belonged to them (Name came from the directory). It used to be fun. Well, the hunter becomes the hunt soon enough as well, so the funniest one i got was when 'my school called me to tell me that my school wants its alumni to come teach for a day'. The way the kid spoke was awesome, He is an artiste i tell u.