@avidwhit (1492)
June 29, 2008 6:00am CST
Last weekend I had problems with my internet connection which continued all week. This morning I finally had enough so I contacted my cable co. To make a long story short the Biggest mafia in mexico is the time share scam. I put a reference to them not allowing people to sell used time shares and prices on my website. I was really upset with cable guy cuase I well am stupid and I know they have messing with the connection from inside there tech office. After threatneing one young tech with life and limb and human rights group he confessed to many things. But in english as so that the others werent able to understand. Gave me names etc. Informed me that techs can they can hack sites and as we all know disconnect my cable. I removed the time share refferences and my coonection is back not to mention no more evidence of hacking. What do you know about hackers and the such things as RCI time share group?
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