driving to success by affirmation?

United Arab Emirates
November 3, 2006 9:24am CST
I have been striving to drive myself to the goal of success that gives money, name and fame, comfort and satisfaction with a positive and intutional effort. I got myself pushed to one side and often in ditches that make me difficult to get up. I did survive all and the spirit keeps me moving but at times I seem to be out of control and in very desperate attempt to keep on affirmations, I am afarid the surroundings not able to hold me. Tell me, any one of you, based on practical and your own experience......how hard it is to get into such affirmations with a weak mind.....and get out of it to make it strong. i believe affirmations should help. Emotional affirmations certainly motivate. Can i have few more pushing, supportive matter that may help keep me in my affirmation.
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