when your friends wear welcome out..............

@Cocoa33 (921)
United States
June 29, 2008 9:40pm CST
in the past, i have had visitors/friends who come over everyday. there were times when i wanted to throw a tomato or two at them. yell at them and tell them to go home. "dont come back! i have things to do day to day. i do have a life, do u?"i need some me time. do u have something to do with your time beside taking up my time." there were times when i would watch for them out the window in their cars coming. if i saw them coming. i would not answer the door. i would pretend there is no one home by being quiet until they left. i would screen the calls to watch for their number so i know not to answer the phone. i know it sounds mean, but i have to do what to get some peace. has this ever happened to u? if so, how would u deal with people who invade your house, and not have any respect?
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