Is it possible for children to be loved by other than their biological fathers..

United States
June 29, 2008 9:51pm CST
Well I have four kids and Im 34 years old so here is my question Can a woman find a man who will accept her in a relationship with four children? or will they run? How do you tell someone you may want to go out with you have 4 kids?
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• Singapore
20 Jul 08
Hi.. For me, I think it is possible for another guy to love a woman with 4 kids if he really love that woman because when you really love someone, you will not mind her past and will take care of her under any circumstances.. Also, if i am that woman with 4 kids, I will tell that guy straight that I have 4 kids and if that guy cannot accept it, it would be better for both parties because as least both parties knows what is going on and can stop seeing each other... But if I did not tell that guy and as time drags by and eventually that guy found out and he cannot accept it, both parties will suffer heartbreak...
@littleone3 (2065)
1 Jul 08
Yes it is possible i had four children when i met my partner and this did not put him off at all as he loves children, as he has children off his own. He has come to accept my four as his own and treats them no different from our son we have together. I was honest from the very start and told him that i had four children i think you should not hide the fact as the children are very much part of your life. And if a man thinks anything of you he will accept your children as well.
• Indonesia
30 Jun 08
i think it is possible. nothing seems impossible if we're falling in love.
@bunnybon7 (46585)
• Holiday, Florida
30 Jun 08
i would tell them right away. truthfully, its hard to find a man like that, but if he learns to love you enough he will love them to. sometimes its the kids that dont warm up to the man. i'd go really slow, just date and wait. i've been married 5 times. raised 5 kids and i know. the only one it worked with was my last (late)hubby. kids all loved him cause he was good to me.
@spalladino (17921)
• United States
30 Jun 08
First of all, yes, there are men out there who will accept someone else's children as his own, but there are also men out there who really won't. Your main responsibility is to your children until they are grown so, in my opinion, you should tell someone who you are interested about them in the beginning. Don't be in a rush to introduce the children to this man though because kids become attached quickly and, if the relationship doesn't work out, they will be hurt. Don't be in a rush, there is plenty of time and plenty of opportunities for you to meet the right man.
@Cocoa33 (921)
• United States
30 Jun 08
i think its possible to find someone who will accept a woman with four kids. the way i see if i he can't love her. he can't accept the children. there different men out there. i know some will and some won't. u never know u might run into someone who will. u should pray to god to put in your path a man who will. have a good day
@fwidman (11515)
• United States
30 Jun 08
As someone that married a woman with four kids, it is possible :) I don't remember how she told me that she had four kids, we had been dating for a while and either I wasn't paying attention to her hints or I was just incredibly stupid. Either way, I was already in love and her kids didn't matter to me. I loved them all dearly and now that they are adults we still share that love even though their mother and I are divorced. I would go out with him without mentioning the kids right away, enjoy yourselves as a couple first. If things start to get serious, then is the time to mention the kids :) Good luck!