i get older?

June 30, 2008 2:46am CST
I am 24years. I am supurised that i have white hair .when i cut hair,the barber told me you had much white hair.I had a bit of unhappy. I wanted to have a girlfriend,so the word had a deep effet.so i want to say barbers you should make yours consumers feel happy.hehe
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• Hong Kong
15 Mar 09
everyone will become older and older.. Don't worry and treasure the time;) The barber told u that but he/she will makes u look more hardsome..hehe So be more happy;)
@adrico (204)
• China
30 Jun 08
to have white hair in such a young age,i think you may live in pressure...lol i am 22 years old but white hair is also found in my head, you know it is really common to us ,coz we are live in the world full of competion and some others ....so just be clam when you find white hair lol have a nice day!
@darksorrow (4666)
• Bangladesh
30 Jun 08
You don't seem to unhappy. All u wanted to earn $. But good i liked it.
@magojordan (3252)
• Philippines
30 Jun 08
I remember that when I turned 18 I started growing white hairs too. I felt bad too when I first saw it but as time went on I realize that I only grew white hairs if I'm stressed. Maybe you are getting stressed in finding a girlfriend. Don't worry too much about that I think that the right girl for you will come and love you for who you are.