Yes, I can

June 30, 2008 3:07am CST
Its in a Human nature to enjoy the challenges.I like challenges what about u?If i have look over my past, I have been anxoius to accept the challenges coming in my way.What i beleive is think big.To think big is also difficult. For that we need patience,calmness,persistance,agressiveness,listening ability,endurance etc.Having this all in u is not enough, Its all about the timing ie what i think.After all luck is also important for the accomplishment.So we should beleive in almighty and self talk. I am student by profession,Curiosity helps me a lot and for that reason i do have lot of pending projects and wish to learn many things. I am keenly intrested to accomplish it.But matters the effeciency.Every day i wake up i will have a plan,during the day i will try to imply it,i will get tired, half done work will be forwareded for next day if i have a chance, and if do not any chance i still i will look for it,atlast i will regret, will try to find the reason(we cay to be " ON SELF REMAND"),expecting a one more chance will leave it, time is very important and its flowing.For example i do have many good novels in my library to read, on which my parents spended lofty money and only the reason that i m not able to manage, i can see dust over it.its okkk i will read that is what i think everytime.I am happy with it and i m not happy with it.Happy because many a times i can see attitude works for me . I am not happy because many a time i can see because of the attitude things donot work.HEYYYYYYYYY whats ur story?
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