Computer made the human being to slave, am I right or wrong

@navtech (1776)
June 30, 2008 5:13am CST
I have more than 62 years old. When I started my career as a Stenographer, I was using typewriter for a long time. Everything was done manually. In India, computer started came into existence during the years 1983-84. Now a days I find people (including me) are more addicted to computer for varous information and knowledge and ultimately all have become slave to it. This phenomena is not only in India, but all over the world. Therefore, now a days, a new master of human being of the world is COMPUTER. Am I right or wong.
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@jillhill (37377)
• United States
30 Jun 08
I am not sure that the word slave pertains....I think that a computer is a very helpful tool in reaching out for knowledge and also for connecting the world. I think that if you can't walk away from it...that you have to be on it all the time then the word might pertain.
@tx_666 (191)
• India
30 Jun 08
hi, Yes, you are WRONG. If a person depends on someone say his/her children or his wife or her husband does it mean that he became slave ?? It's efficient that is why I (we all) depend on it.. It never means that I'm a slave of my computer.... If you think like that first of all we are the slaves of trees without it we can't even live. Moreover, slave means who obeys his master... Computers obey our commands... Though it's not a slave it's a good friend...