Breastfeeding in Public

United States
June 30, 2008 11:13am CST
I know breastfeeding is becoming more and more popular but, also makes a lot more people uncomfortable. I believe breast is best but, I have nothing against people who formula feed. But, I hate when people make breastfeeding moms feel like they have to hide when they feed their baby in public. They expect them to cover their baby with a blanket or go to the bathroom to feed their baby. How would any adult feel if they had to eat with a blanket over their head or have to eat in the bathroom? Yes, i know some mom's take the laws for granted and don't care about being discrete at all but a lot of mom's try to be as discrete as possible without covering their baby and still get crap for it. I breastfed my first daughter until she was 8 months old. And my second daughter is 7 months old and I'm hoping not to stop breastfeeding until she's a year old. I love the bond it creates with my kids. What is your views on breastfeeding? Should mom's be able to breastfeed where ever they are when their baby gets hungry as long as they're discrete?
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