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United States
June 30, 2008 12:01pm CST
Where can i see futurama now?
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• Canada
25 Jan 10
You can always buy the complete package. ALso if you have a psp they sell the complete video set for the psp. You can always use one of those tv show sites. (not video upload sites). I also know that teletoon(kids tv channel) shows out futurama.
• Denmark
30 Jul 08
I really like using www.surfthechannel.com, when I want to see shows... Maybe Futurama is there too.
• Canada
5 Jul 08
I'm not sure where u live but ive found futuramam showing on the detour on the cartoon network; late at night. Other than that i think ive seen it beeing shown on Comedy Central. As for me, i was such a big fan that i collected all the seasons on dvd when they came out. I love it casue i can see whatever episode whenever i want. Also before i forget one can also see any episode they want online if u look hard enough. Whether it downloading them from bit torrent or finidng them on some site streaming them you can always find a away to watch futurama. These sites are however not always reliable because they are constantly shut down by people enforcing copyright laws.
@arddi2007 (202)
• Albania
30 Jun 08
Both of them, The simpsons and futurama as well are shown in Sky One every night. I love these two series. Sky One is a part of the digital package Sky from Great Britain. I dont live in UK, but however i have cable TV and i can watch some of the Sky package channels.