Mylot is cheating me

United States
June 30, 2008 12:16pm CST
I currently have 105 referals and i earn a good few cents to a dollar a day and it been a few months since this had happen. I don't post or anything i just earn money from my referals and About a few month ago i log on and my balance was $8 then a few days after that my earnings was deducted and i have $7 left, im not sure why my earnings had been deducted even though i don't post anything, but i left it that way and didn't say nothing since it's just a dollar and im sure i could earn it back in a few days because i have lots of referals. But then it happen again and again. I don't log on mylot everyday but i log on about one time every one or two weeks. And i had notice that this had happen 4 times, it might have been more but i might not known it because i dont log on very often. It's been three months since the first time i notice it happen and guess what in three months my balnce now is still $8. I've got enough of it. With 105 referals i should be able to reach $10 in 3 months(that's when i start getting referals). But no that didn't happen, and it's obvious mylot is cheating us. Tell me if this had happen to you before and have you ever even reach payout?? I think i will quit mylot, maybe i will log on to mylot about 3 months later to see if my earnings is still the same, it probaly is. Mylot are a whole bunch of cheaters who donot have enough money to pay us and so they cheat us like that easily.
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@heartonfire (4120)
• Denmark
30 Jun 08
my refferals are quite lazy so i can't help you with that but i think you should write a mail to mylot ..they usually reply themselves when they see discussions like yours but as they didn't then maybe you should write them about it
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• United States
1 Jul 08
ok thanks
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11 Apr 10
hats not right D=
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16 Sep 08
Thpinky, you said mylot was the better site and now you think its cheating you. Change the notice?