Do you favour reservation?

June 30, 2008 12:57pm CST
I think every country keeps some quota or reservation for some sections of people based on certain parameters like total family income, community etc. While some are acceptable, some are opposed by others. Would you favour reservation - please share your views and comments.
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• India
12 Jul 08
Many countries must surely be having some kind of reservation policies for their population.I think there needs to be a proper way of implementing reservation policies after much research.In certain countries like India for example everything is laid out in terms of the benefits it will bring to the party that is going to implement a particular reservation policy.So here it is all about numbers and Vote Bank politics.But ideally reservation policy implementation should be done judiciously taking into consideration the purpose of it.For example,if one considers education,I feel it is of utmost importance to get educated notwithstanding the strata of society a person comes from.More importantly I feel it should be accessible right from childhood.So yes a reservation policy that decides based on economic parameters is necessary so that it brings people from the lower economic backgrounds into the education stream.But higher education need not come under reservation as the very criteria for being able to pursue higher education ought to be depending on ones ability to complete the undergraduate and graduate courses successfully and satisfactorily to be capable enough and show proof about ones talent and brilliance. And as far as reservation policies for jobs are concerned I think it is not a right way at all as in a multicultural or a multilinguistic society where religious and region specific parties have bloomed it can very well lead to lots of headaches and issues that could disturb the peace of society.In fact this is what is already happening in countries like India.
• India
1 Jul 08
i am totally against reservation be it sc/st,bc or obc i think reservation deprives all the general deserving candidates of their rights a person belonging to general category with a good rank will be deprived admission just because the seats are reserved for these categories and when less educated people who belong to all these classes get to work in any organization they don't do it with sincerity because they know they won't be fired and moreover they don't study because they know a good amount of seats in many educational institutes are reserved for them
@bellis716 (4804)
• United States
1 Jul 08
I'm not sure I understand how you are using the term "reservation". In the early years of this country, the native American tribes were confined to certain areas of land that were called "reservations". This was usually the most undesirable land. The move to the reservations was involuntary and was supposed to make the remaining land safe for settlement by the "white man". Some tribes still hold title to some of the reservation lands and the mineral rights, but most of the people have been assimilated into the general population. The American Civil Liberty Union has made sure that laws have been passed that made it illegal to discriminate against anyone because of religion, race, color, etc. I think they frequently go overboard, but in theory, if not always in practice, anyone can live anywhere they can afford.
@anujain75 (1059)
• India
30 Jun 08
Well snake queen upto some extent I prefer reservation.If you consider your country as your family and you are two sisters one is intellegent and other is weak what will your mother will do. I think she will keep some extra attention to your week sister.Same thing I believe in case of our country. But upto certain level which includes primary education,reservations in lower grade job which do not need much brain.For higher education or higher level of job,reservation is not suitable.Because this type of thing needs intellectual,so the person having more intillegence should get more preferences. As we can not leave the jobs which seeks more attention to our weeker child of the family.Moreover I want to say the children of officer of weeker section should not enjoy the benefits of quota.