Why would Jesus do this?

June 30, 2008 10:50pm CST
It appeared on the news a couple of days back. The statue of Jesus (Divine Mercy with the heart exposed) in St. Michael's Church, Mahim, Mumbai in India suddenly started attracting attention. The heart of the statue had started bleeding! And people flocked from far and near and special masses were conducted. Even though the priest said that this was due to moisture caused by the heavy rains that had liquefied the red paint on the heart and spread around, making it appear as if the heart was bleeding, people did not stop believing it to be a miracle or a sign. Well, what do you think? Did the heart of Jesus really bleed? If so, why? Why would God do such as seemingly useless thing as making heart of his statue bleed? People would rush to the church like crazy for a few days, and then the issue would be closed, just as several such issues have been closed previously. Cheers and happy mylotting
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@bunnybon7 (43852)
• Holiday, Florida
3 Apr 09
i just think that people like having something to believe in and bring hope in hard times.
• India
20 Mar 09
There is so much illiteracy of the Christian theology among Christians. People normally have this urge to go for some signs and things like that. Similar things happened in among Hindus. And even there people flocked to such sites. I don't really think it was God who 'made' that happen.