Do you have a juicer?

July 1, 2008 5:20am CST
Juicer is a device that makes it easier to extract juices of fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, cucumber. This is very helpful in making healthy, natural and nutritious drinks. I bought a juicer for my mother last Mother's day which also is the date of her birthday. She is happy with the gift but probably finds it a rather complicated device because she has not used it since it was bought. Anyway i will probably use it one of these days
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• United States
15 Jul 08
What kind did you get? I have bought 'em at thrift stores before. I'm glad I went that route because I ended up forcing stuff into them that I shouldn't and they broke. No big loss since it was super cheap. I want to get a new (used) one again because I LOVE juicing. I love simple juices like carrot/apple, to more complex with fruits and vegies, including beets!