Is the ban on Traction Control good for Formula1 ?????

@vrahulan (114)
July 1, 2008 5:47am CST
In this season the Traction Control ( Electronic Driver Aids ) has been banned. And that would mean, the cars who had their 80% of the control by the computer will now have only 20%. This season will test the real ability of a F1 racer. But is this a step back in the safety measures as the braking will become more tougher????? Your views please.......
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@boxieblue (336)
• India
25 Jul 08
ooohhh definitely! we have all seen what happened in the first race of the season! and in the subsequent races in the makes it a lot more interesting for the viewers... about the safety issues, i dont think anyone should be worried really. F1 cars are the pinnacle of car safety, and the drivers have the best medical facilities available. they are carried away by helicopters even if they have just broken a finger nail.
@malkaff (171)
• Romania
14 Jul 08
Yes. I think it's a good thing because this way we can see wich driver is better...
@rajeshfgh (1629)
• India
5 Jul 08
I think it is a good move. It will make us know the true potential of the driver, rather then being in a pilot-mode. Also, it will bring the speeds down drastically, reducing the dangers of high-speed accidents. Also, it will be very exciting to see overtaking skills, as braking will also get affected, which will to a large extent depend on the experience and skills of the driver.
• Philippines
4 Jul 08
for safety reasons, traction control is very valuable in this new era of f1. considering that this is a product of technology, only those teams with overwhelming budget can get the best out of it considering the research and development that will be invested. those teams with lower budget can only do so much in stretching this technology marvel. these among others will eventually test the skill of the driver...its reflexes...its ability to make split decision making @ 300km/hr...its endurance to hold the g-forces that tests his intensive training...and this what makes F1 a very challenging motorsport and can give equal opportunity in terms of technology application to the car...MAN OVER MACHINE so to speak.
• China
1 Jul 08
I think it's more interesting for drivers. But sometimes when it rain it will be more dangerous,especially a track like Monte Carlo