adopted child

July 1, 2008 8:05am CST
hello everyone, just a question and i hope everyone answers. what if you find out that you are an adopted child. would you hold grudge to your parents? would you accept the fact? how would you handle the situation? thanks for your responses.
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@neilchua (888)
• Philippines
2 Jul 08
hi enzo, well for me it doesn't matter if it's your foster parents or real parents. what's important is how they took care of you before you found out that your adopted. have a good day. and thanks for accepting my invitation. good luck on your earning.:)
• United States
1 Jul 08
I think the age you find out matters? If the child is told the truth in a nice way form birth and assured they arre special and very loved..and it was me, I would aceot it and be fine! If told when an it had been kept a durty secret, I might have a difffferent reaction? As long as a child knows right from the start and is reassured and is told that their parents loved them, but just were not able at the time to care for their needs, so they wanted them/me to have a nice life and made sure that I would be wiht loving parents to guide me through life..I'd take it real well, I think!
@ifglan (1152)
• China
1 Jul 08
I can't tell you my true feeling,cause i'm not an adopted one. ^_^ Imagine i was,let me answer your question: I will feel complex about my identity first,and then i will make sure where i come from,why my parents just give me to others... So many things to be known,then if the reason is reasonable,i will accept my status,maybe my parents have no choice to do that,all is for me... It all depends . :)