Happiest country in theworld

United States
July 1, 2008 7:43pm CST
The latest list was released today and i read it. Denmark is the number #1 happiest country in the world. And united states is not even in the top 10. Why do you think United states is not in the top 10 list? Whats wrong with united states? I think US is considered a happiest country in the world because it seems like most people here are happy. This is just my opinion but i think its true. And i can't even believe why Canada is in Top 10 while US is not in the list. US has more works than canada and im just wondering what are they basing for the happiest country in the world. Is it the economy or what? What do you think of this... I need your response/feedback people.
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@Kofficup (150)
• Philippines
2 Jul 08
Yes Denmark deserves it. Canada, too. But for USA that's an absolute truth that it is not included. I agree in the survey. It's because USA's President is such a warfreak. US President have his different priorities compared from Bill Clinton. If Bill Clinton womanized then why must people worry of Bush's favorite craft in his administration, he wanted to underground the oil economy globally, he wanted to dominate as if he is a good leader and wanted to end up terrorism. He also wanted to Christianize the Middle Eastern territory, but the thing is the problem have started out there which created the troublesome Asian economic slow down. Parallel to what the Asian Regions suffered from, the US is in the same fate. Do we still consider US as Land of Apple and Honey? Can we still bring home the bacon to our respective countries? I hope the Bush Fever ends soon. I wish that the Star Spangled Banner shines through again and be happy as others deserve to be happy too, like Denmark and the rest of EU.
@wpark2419 (265)
• United States
2 Jul 08
I would also be curious to know what that is based on. I would think part of it would be the economy. I know nothing about Denmark, but here in the US there is WAY to much crime of all kinds. Gas prices are way to high, all the problems with home loans...etc. I think people think of the US as such a great place to live simply because it's a free country. Just my opinion though. Once you live here you realize that there are quite a few problems here.