Anyone here from or live in Mississippi?

By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
July 1, 2008 11:14pm CST
I've been begging my husband to move closer to family to make it easier on me with the baby - especially if I want to return to work. Ohio, where my family lives, is out of the question - the military bases are far away and the work part time so far. And also, my brother and his family may be moving to CA eventually - and the moms - my mom and my sister - in - laws mom will soon follow them. And Mississippi was always out of the question when I brought it up because the contract he would work for the Navy base there - the company that holds it, doesn't allow family to work together and his brother works on that base. The contract isn't up for grabs again until next year. My brilliant husband came up with an idea though and brought it to me tonight after work. What if I were to either work on base - not for the same department - I would get free childcare - anyone who works on that base gets it. And in admin - I'd make more then him - he makes about $20/hour here in NM - a bit more in MS. Military always pays contractors alot - even pharmacists and medical techs make more on bases then in the private sector. Yet when he was enlisted he could've qualified for food stamps. His idea is that I get a job there and move there with the baby and then he'd join me come January. The other plus - he could get a really cheap place here and save money - living in a neighborhood not so desirable if you have a baby. Or I can get a job in Meridian and go rent in the town house complex he used to live in. He rented a two bedroom for $450 - its $550 now. Unfortunately there aren't a market research firms - which are soooooooo easy to get hired at - I searched classified and also looked up market research firms there - so I could just call them up and inquire about a job directly. There also aren't any weight loss places. I might have to either work in a small call center - doing whatever - or work in a gym selling memberships. Working at Walmart wouldn't pay for childcare each week - unless I work at night. Plus being in Walmart confuses me and makes me a bit anxious - too much going on - think it would be the same at any store or restaraunt - which is why I never worked for one. Anyway - after that long explanation - does anyone live in MS? My husband says they're very narrow minded there and prejudiced - I'm hoping not. My husband is sensitive and thinks the stares he gets from people are because of his Asian looks. Really though, he looks Samoan - he's 6'4 and huge - with a very cute round face like a cook. I think people stare because he's both cute and daunting looking. I could start a childcare there, but I'd rather have something in place when I get what's it like - are the offices big on really professional dress - I used to have great sheath suits but those days are over! I'm nervous too, because there's a big gap in my resume - from when I was in school and then I was pregnant and had migraines and pre-eclampsia then a baby. So I definitely need to go for a call center type job - like research or political polling - where its your voice that sells you - and they usually don't care what you wear! OR that you need a total mom makeover! I'm moving no matter what - the chance for my baby to be close to family (closer to my blood family too) - cousins for snoogs to play with and me to be able to go back to work is just too great to pass up - still I'd like to know what I'm in for...
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@moneyandgc (3429)
• United States
8 Oct 08
I lived in Mississippi from 1999-2005. I don't know anything about the Meridian area though. I lived near the coast in the Biloxi area. The job opportunities in Biloxi/Gulfport are different because of the casinos. There are also more of them in general. As for prejudice, I didn't notice any more or less than anywhere else that I have lived. My husband is Mexican. I can't wait for the chance to move back. My family lives there too.
• United States
2 Jul 08
I haven't lived in Mississippi, but what I do know of it (from having been other places in the south) is that it tends to be hot and muggy, as well as a lot of people there still being somewhat closed minded. I'm sure there are open minded folks in Mississippi too, but I think that there's still a lot of prejudice there. :(