good and bad times

@mariamac (145)
July 2, 2008 7:19am CST
Whenever anything good happens in our life we thank God and the person or people responsible for bringing that goodness in our life which i think we all agree. But the moment something goes wrong, the first thought that hits our mind is oh God what have i done. Why am i being punished etc etc. Why do we blame God or hold God responsible when anything bad happens, though we know why, or the root cause of the problem, yet why do we blame God. To the contrary when something good happens we, atleast deep within, somewhere think that it happened becoz of my hardwork or luck etc etc, we want the credit for it.
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@cheney (199)
• Hong Kong
2 Jul 08
I guess it's a psychological thing. We tend to attribute success to our own quality, and blame the outside world for our failure. That's how we got self-esteem.
• United States
5 Jul 08
If we could realize 'there is a blessing in everything', we might be able to see why things happen the way they do. It's not a haphazard coincidence or anything as simple as luck. These things happen for a specific reason - For every an equal and opposite reaction....Even these things are explained in scripture. If we blame God or hold God responsible for 'bad' things, then we are only showing evidence to the fact that we have not reached the point of wisdom and understanding as we should be in our studies and/or walk with God. If we do things for the 'credit', then we are most likely doing them for the wrong reasons. Just my opinion........