what is your biggest fortue/ any idea?

@qwe123 (253)
July 2, 2008 9:05am CST
what is yourbigest fortune? some people consider money as wealth some owns lots of books while othersmay take friends ship as their sst what about you? what is your wealth? my biggest fortune is my knowledge if y one man ahve akind of knowledge can go every where and do not worry abut his living i see my power of spirit to ovvvvvvvrtune it creates my new life never keep both willing sprit and weak filesh when i saw down sydrome aptients compete in the special olympc games mind is likea parachute there would be no use for it if you do not open it it is realy a quesion for me when i want to respond it i do not really know what knids of thingscould become my assets i have no money my englishis also vry bad maybe i am the poorest amn in this world wat can i do maybe nothing? andi i do not also have lots of knowledge when i witness physicaly chalened athletes stand on the awards podium in the paralympic names i alwyas can not help but think am i lucky? this is my biggest fortune yet biggest weakens cause i always take things ofr granted
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