Who is your favourite Friend's Character and Why???

July 2, 2008 10:00am CST
My favourite is JOEY.B'coz is is too funny and many a times Dumb......
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@risris24 (712)
• United States
2 Jul 08
I love them all so much that it is hard to choose, but probably would be Chandeler... He is hilariously funny and always doing something stupid, like the time when he got involved with Julia Roberts and got left in the bathroom with nothing but womans panties...lol... they are all great in their own way though.
• Philippines
3 Jul 08
Yup , I really like all six Friends but sometimes I am partial to Chandler, he is so so so funny, whoah! He's smart yet he's so nice that he just let the other guys fet away with it. I loved the episode where he wanted to stop smoking and the tape was for a woman, that was hilarious. I also adore Rachel, just because.
@arddi2007 (202)
• Albania
2 Jul 08
no, i cannot ever choose one. i tried so many times to find out which one of them is my favorite, but i never could. i love the 6 of them. but, to me, the funniest character is Phoebe. She's very silly and so sweet. i also love Ross and his dinosaurs... :@:@ i cannot divide them at all!
• Philippines
3 Jul 08
I so agree with you, hahaha :). I cannot ever pick one, Chandler and his sarcasm, Monica and her OC ways, Phoebe being so silly and sweet and demanding and and Rachel, because she's Rachel, ROss and his always right about things attituse. Joey because he's so cute when he's the last to know/ get it.
• Pakistan
30 Jul 08
Joey is the best at all he is the performer......