July 2, 2008 11:20pm CST
how you know that you find a true friend
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• India
3 Jul 08
We can't say this person is nice in over night it takes some we have to watch his attitudes his way of behaviour his thinkings this makes when odserved by us making a true friend
• Jamaica
3 Jul 08
-i agree with ur respond.u'll certain be a god.thanx much.
@patzel88 (3311)
• Philippines
4 Jul 08
when he/she is acknoledging you at all times and when he/she protect you from bad elements.
• Pakistan
3 Jul 08
[b]well it takes time, when your friend starts to care about you, shares with you his or her sorrows thats the most important thing, (everyone shares hapness). you start to like him or her, you also care and respect your friend and he or she also respects you... thats a true friend[/b]
@mariamac (145)
• India
3 Jul 08
well its difficult to find a true friend atleast in todays world where everyone looks up to the other or clings to the other with some self motive to be very frank. Even we cling to someone for either some emotional help, financial help or just to kill time we need someone to be for us. A true friend for me is like my own shadow, which never leaves me be it dark or bright. But in today's world everyone is soooooooooooooooo selfish including me. Would i be a true friend to someone? i think that's the question we should be asking ourselves. How true would i be to my friend and probably we can answer it best coz what goes around comes around.
• Canada
3 Jul 08
my father has always said, "when your last day on earth comes, you will probably only be able to count your true friends through your entire life on one hand". There is not much that man has said that is wise, but that would be one of them. In todays world of throw away relationships and convienent companions, it is harder and harder to determine what it is about us or others that makes a true, good friend. Sometimes, after years of supposed loyalty, "friends" can turn into our worst of enemies without warning. So with doubt, mistrust, and a society that stresses all the negative aspects of human nature, it can seem a losing battle to just try to find someone who has got your back. However, sometimes, you find that diamond in the rough. And how do you know that person? Its not easy, it takes time, experience, and honestly, stress. That is how you will know when someone, friend, lover, family member, anyone in your life is true, its how they handle the stress of life and your relationship. Someone that falls apart at the smallest indication of conflict or hard times, whether to do with you or with themselves, is not someone capable holding their own, and thus it would be unfair of us to assume them capable of being true to the friendship. It is no ones fault, it is merely the tools we are given as children on how to deal with stress, but through my experience, a true friend is someone who can not only handle their own garbage, but yours to.
@lynn2457 (500)
• United States
3 Jul 08
A true friend is someone that knows all your flaws and they still want to be your friend, or as I say love you anyway, They will be there for you, be a shoulder to lean on, some days they may not be able to all ways be there but they will be there if they can, IF you get in a fight / argument, you can make up, forgive and forget, A friend is a friend that will not talk bad about you, not cheat you or hurt you on propose. They want the best for you. and in return, it is the same for you to them.