interview mistakes

July 3, 2008 4:07am CST
what do you think are the most probable interview mistakes that people make or you have made at any time during your interview. i think some of the common interview mistakes are not carrying your own pen turning up late not knowing about the company boasting talking about the salary.
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@vanities (11395)
• Davao, Philippines
3 Jul 08
i guess the most common one is not focusing to the one who interview the short eye to eye contact..its the most important i guess that you must establish a contact..
@halynn (1809)
• United States
9 Jul 08
I think eye contact is very important too.
@regal_aeros (2605)
• Singapore
29 Nov 10
for me, it's not doing a background homework on the company. as for interviewers, some interviewers just love to make nonsensical remarks just to show their 2cents worth. which really turns me off and i decline working for them because i don't want to work under a airless head.
• United States
8 Jul 08
I certainly disliked when people came late for interviews - but not too early either because they may set up appointments close together and it can get uncomfortable. Also, don't wear too much perfume or cologne - yuck!
@jiab2008 (23)
• Thailand
8 Jul 08
I think almost everyone will know their mistakes after the interview had finished. The most things usually are answers to some questions which they think there should be better answer than what they did.
@snowbitz (487)
• Philippines
8 Jul 08
low listening skill that lead to answering it indirectly or incorrectly.Not wearing the appropriate attire.If they ask you to tell them about yourself don't start with your name because they already have your resume.50% should be telling them things that is not found in your resume.
@babyEj (1522)
• Philippines
27 Nov 10
I think the common mistakes of an interviewee is wearing the right suit for the position applying. Sometimes we tend to neglect how we look and abide on false ideas.