Do u think that actors should be given so much importance?

@coolnash (110)
July 3, 2008 4:27am CST
actors n actresses are like god to some people...people crave for them as if they were the greatest of all...i really dont understand...some girls even suicided wen their famous actor got married...dont u think people are making fools out of themselves...we are giving importance to persons who r just like us n who only with the help of modern technology n the magic of cinema are appearing like heroes...come on u guys...wake up!!!
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• United States
3 Jul 08
Yeah, I don't get that. Americans obsess over actors, well the media in general. With all of the 'who are you wearing' and the 'who's dating who' it's so lame. Their are other important things to talk about. They are just like you and me. Nothing special.
• China
3 Jul 08
i do appreaciate some of actors and actress who have done a wonderful job in their films. But just ike you said ,they`re just ordinariy person . why do some girls act like a fool everytime they see their 'idol'??
@coffeebreak (17811)
• United States
3 Jul 08
I'm with ya on that one! I think it has gotten so out of control - I myself don't even watch much tv anymore and been years since a movie. They are all so foney and support every nation but their own and think they can do whatever they want cause they are a celebrity. Look at the celebrity women lately getting into so much trouble. ANd the hoop-la the media makes out of it. If I have to hear one more time of a celebrity getting drunk and doing something stupid I am going to scream. "regular" folks do it all the time and they have to pay the price, but celebs do it, get a ton of money for all the media attention and pics and a few hours in some kind of "confinment" and they are back on their way. And we are supposed to feel sorry for them when the court takes their children from them. And they all support other countries, not USA - the one that made them what they are. THey adopt from other countries, but not here, the help and give aid to other countries, but not here - oh, they'll make a "Round" of a diastor site with the cameras rolling, but you never hear they do much about helping, but when they give millions to a third world country or a county less known,..... the media is crawling with it And "aren't they just the nicest people?" As they used to say "gag me with a spoon". SOrry I am really disgusted with celebrities these days. THe good ones that meant something, did something (well, other than marry and divorce over and over) the ones that made Hollywood what it was...are gone or on their way "out", and Hollywood just is never going to be the same.
@angemac23 (2004)
• Canada
3 Jul 08
No they should be given so much importance and they should not be paid sooo much...there are people out there doing way more important jobs and they get no recognition and hardly get paid at all!
@salonga (27814)
• Philippines
3 Jul 08
Well not for me! I admire them if they deserve so but to idolize them as if they are gods, NO WAY! Well some do but I just wonder why they make a fool out of themselves. They are simply humans and idolizing them to the hilt is a foolish thing to do.