Swimming parent needs help!

July 3, 2008 6:31am CST
I have a 12yr old daughter is up to county standard with her swimming. However, it seems to be only me who is driving her on to improve - it doesn't seem to come from within her. I sometimes wonder if I wasn't around, would she would even go to training? My question is, at what point should she have to responsibility for her own training and developement? regards Martin
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7 Jul 08
you might want to ask her if that is what she really wants to do. if not then you have to find out so that way she can be happy while doing it.
@RastamanG (385)
3 Jul 08
Maybe she doesn't want to do it, maybe she doesn't want to swim, have you asked her? I don't mean to upset you or anything I'm just being real with you, when I was younger, I went to this thing called 'Boys Brigade' kind of like 'Scouts' I liked It at first, but after 2 years or so I got fed up with It, but my dad kept pushing me to keep going although I didn't want to I kept going to make him happy, I told my mum I didn't like going to it and after a few months I finally got out. Maybe the same thing Is going on with your daughter, you should sit down with her and have a chat, tell her that she can speak her mind and you won't get mad so you can find out what she really thinks. I hope this helps you out.