If you were a Disney character, who would you be?

United States
July 3, 2008 11:26pm CST
Who would you like to be if you became a Disney character and why? Can be a good or bad character. For me, I would like to be Sleeping Beauty, so I would still be the same youthful age when I wake up after sleeping for many years. My spouse says he could be Dumbo because of his big ears! roflmao
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@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
4 Jul 08
I think I would like to be Minnie Mouse, she is such a nice little character and Mickey Mouse is such a handsome little mouse, but i would prefer to be Betty Boop who is not a Disney character. I would like to be as beautiful as she is...
• United States
4 Jul 08
Betty Boop is awesome. I love flappers.
@much2say (35802)
• United States
22 Aug 09
I would love to be a princess character, riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after with my handsome prince. But in a sense, I feel like I already have in real life (hee hee), so I'll pick another character. I am told I should be Doc, one of the seven dwarfs from Snow White. I laugh at that, but I think it's true! I am the one who is most sensible and a leader of the pack. I've also been told I should be Dopey, another dwarf from Snow White, because I am such a goofball! I guess I should be a Dopey Doc! :)
• New Zealand
16 Oct 08
I would be mickey mouse becouse he was the original charcter that started it all off.
@lazeebee (5466)
• Malaysia
4 Jul 08
I'd love to be Snoopy, the Peanuts character. He has an owner who dotes on him, always fantasizes that he's the hero who rescues damsels in distress, doesn't work except sleep, eat and play!